Tuesday, April 12, 2005


At this very moment we have the whole fire department at the church. We had a light burn up in Linda's office. Pretty exciting. So this brings up an interesting part of life. Why do people run and flock to situations like this? Not meaning the fire department, but just on lookers. Everybody has to go see the fire. What is this mentality?


At April 16, 2005 at 10:48 AM, Blogger Kathryn "Stenoray" Thomas, RDR, CRC said...

I'd just guess off the top of my head that it's our human nature to (a) enjoy a break in the hamster wheel of our daily lives and (b) to "be in" on something; i.e., have knowledge of something special that other's don't have.

At April 18, 2005 at 3:25 PM, Blogger Big Z said...

Sometimes I think it stems from people's desire to be neighborly and want to help if they can. We hear of so many bad things that people just ignore or walk away from as if they didn't notice but there is something inside some people that just says they want to help if they can. Sometimes it is just being plain nosey.


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