Monday, April 24, 2006

Legacy or No Legacy? That is the Question

I have been doing some reading lately on Leadership and other topics. I have come across the idea that our purpose in the end of things is to leave a legacy. I agree in some part that it is my responsibility to do some torch passing. I need to set standards and live them for myself but also for the common good of others and especially those close to me.
Although, if by leaving a legacy I am just interested in people remembering what a good guy I was and all of the good things that I have done, I'm not sure that is what I am interested in. I think that I might be better suited to be just a bit forgettable as long as God takes my place in the remembrance. I worry to many times that we our such ego driven people that we hate the idea of being forgotten about and in some strange way I wonder if we feel that it might be unfair if people move on and act as if business is as usual after we pass on. Of course, we wouldn't say it was unfair. That would tip our hand. Selfish. We would say, "oh of course I expect things to move on without me". Do we really mean it? THOUGHTS??


At April 26, 2006 at 11:08 AM, Blogger Big Z said...

I think that a person can leave a legacy without it being about an ego (although there is part of us that would want to have that recognition). As I remember reading through "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, there are a lot of "Great" corporations headed up by men and women who are not ego maniacs. In fact, I think that he brings out that most of these "Great" CEOs are raised up from the company and are very humble people attributing a lot of their being where they are to luck. I think that it is important to consider the purpose of your leaving a legacy. If it is about your own self-worth than you are more like the "good" leaders Jim Collins talks about. But if you are looking to leave a legacy for the company or the church or the organization that you lead, I think you can do it without the ego being the main reason.

My thoughts on that anyway.


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